Violent Headache SPLIT - Review (Brutalism (Netherlands), Sep. 2009) / english

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This Split CD is another cool release by FDA Rekotz, featuring two interesting acts. Ok, here we go: Violent Headache is a fairly known band among utter underground Crust- and Grindheads. These Spanish guys released numerous tapes, splits, singles,… since the bands birth back in the late 80´s and I´m sure true noise lunatics have heard this name before. Violent Headache contributed 15 tracks to this Split CD and the clear and hearty production is pretty convincing. Their raw style and the pissed-off lyrics are underlined by a growling and screaming vocalist as well as short and straight forward songs. Imagine a musical mixture of Rot, early Napalm Death and a lethal dose of untamed Scandinavian Crustcore insanity and you´re close to what Violent Headache stands for. Their partners on this CD are Necromorph from Germany, who are responsible for the next 16 tracks. These guys offer a Death Metal and Grindcore brewage with a rough recording quality and cover songs of Nasum (“Time To Act”) and Disrupt (“A Life Is A Life”) to show some of their infuences. Unfortunately the band added a few meaningless intros, which interrupts the flow of their songs. But this shouldn´t derogate the general impression. If you´re into primordial Death Metal with faster Grindcore parts and rough Crustcore impacts, Necromorph won´t disappoint you and your musical taste. The only strong point of criticism is the last song. “Necrological Bastard” is completely annoying, because of its Techno beats and electronic components. I´m sure this was just an experiment, but it´s a bad way to close this nice split release, which is suitable for underground Crust / Grind maniacs and those who dare to check it out. 4/5 points for a big surprise and 40 entertaining minutes of music. (review by Alex)


October 01st
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October 14th
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October 28th
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