Violent Headache SPLIT - Review (My Last Chapter (Sweden), May 2009) / english

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Violent Headache have been delivering their brand of crusty old school grindcore since the late 80ies, yet they’re not mentioned amongst the top names of the genre alongside Napalm Death, Nasum, Repulsion and whatnot. Sure, if you’re a grindcore freak then you’ve surely heard of them, but others rarely have. However they’re still going strong, and this time they offer fifteen tracks.
About the first thing that comes to mind here is that sound-wise it’s a bit above what I’m used to hearing from these Spaniards. It’s quite a clear and hefty production, yet still carrying that raw and dirty edge. And after a slow intro the onslaught begins, blasting and screaming. Think Rot, early Napalm Death and the likes, and add a bunch of Scandinavian old school crustcore influence. Take for instance Imbecil la hora?, a track that starts off as almost pure hardcorepunk, only to elaborate further into the grinding foreground. Or why not Burn, which is a Motörhead reeking Victims-esque tune. There sure is a lot of crust here, but the main part of it all is still rough old school grindcore. Growling and screaming takes turn delivering their pissed lyrics dealing with social issues. They do their thing well, although they’re certainly not reinventing the wheel. But recommended for fans of Ulcerrhoea, Disturbance Project and others of the sort.
Split partners here are Germany’s Necromorph, a band I’ve never heard of before. And after an annoying intro it’s clear we’re certainly dealing with grindcore here as well. Nasum definitely comes to mind for the typical Swedish touch, as well as Ulcerrhoea for the crusty edge. To make their influences even more clear they include covers of Nasum and Disrupt, both beaten with the ugly-stick. And by that I mean it’s difficult to concentrate on the music when the production’s so extremely rough and loud. It just takes away the tunes chance to really make an impression on the listener. And that makes the music ugly in the bad sense of the word. But with the sound-issue put aside I suppose it’s ok music. I can’t say it’s something I really get into, it’s just there. It sounds pretty much like any other band doing the exact same thing, doing some half-chunky riffing, growl/scream duo grindcore. Nothing exciting, but certainly not bad. It’s just there. 6/10 Points


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