Violent Headache SPLIT - Review (Supreme Brutality (Denmark), May 2009) / english

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This split CD is the latest release from German label F.D.A. Rekotz. I've not heard of the Spanish grinders Violent Headache before, but Necromorph on the other hand I'm familiar with. What the two bands show on the split is quite even and without the big surprises.
Violent Headache play grindcore with a good deal of hardcore and crust for diversity. It works very well and the music is both vigorous and catchy. There's nothing different in what the Spaniards are doing and the music doesn't feel overly brutal or compact either, but Violent Headache know how to make their simplistic and straight forward music enjoyable and in the end that's after all what it comes down to. I like the laid back and unpretentious vibe that most of the songs have. Necromorph is not exactly unfamiliar to me and much like the music on Inputcollapse the songs are straight forward death metal mixed with bits of grindcore and thrash metal. The song-writing is good and most of the songs are excellent. The riff work is solid and in particular I like "08/06/1945 - 8:16:02 AM - 34°23´N.132°27´E. [They've Made the Rain Black]". The four-piece also include renditions of "A Life is a Life" by Disrupt and Nasum's "Time to Act". Just like Violent Headache the Germans are not different from so much else, but it doesn't make the music less convincing. The split CD is worth a closer look if you like straight forward death metal or grindcore and who doesn't? 6/10 points


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