Violent Headache SPLIT - Review (Lords Of Metal (Netherlands) May 2009) / english

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Ah a split album! This time one between Violent Headache and Necromorph. This disc lasts for about fourty minutes, consisting out of 31 tracks. The first fifteen are for Violent Headache. These gents have been around for quite a while already, considering their first demo called ‘Sad But True’ (hm?) is from 1988. These dudes have not exactly been doing nothing since then, they do not even know themselves anymore how much they have released, but at least more than 35 different releases, where the split records are the most interesting. Why that is, is mostly because of the material by the other bands with which Violent Headache shares the space on the record (for instance Agathocles, Cripple Bastards, Carcass Grinder, My Mind’s Mine, now known as Blood I Bleed and Unholy Grave), not exactly because of the work by the band itself. It is nothing more than plain, oldschool grindcore, with some crust influences every now and then. The relatively short tracks sound agressive, I understand what they are trying to reach but it is not really happening. It is not that I miss the inspiration but the music just does not convince me. By the way, the track ‘Burn’ is quite a different track in comparison to the others, to say the least. The gents start rocking and even use a fair amount of melody.
Off to the Necromorph part. When I read the information about this band, I am expected to hear a harsh form of agressive Scandinavian grindcore, with influences from crust and death metal. Then silly me expects a Rotten Sound in a crust jacket but no. The part of Necromorph is not that grindcore to be honest. This band from Berlin used to be a black metal band in the past, but presents a form of primitive death metal, something that the name revealed already, combined with grind and crust influences. Well, still a huge progress is it not? I can already hear Boss Horst say “I think it is all a bunch of crap” but that is ok. To start off right away, this band is not capable of impressing me either. It is a decent record, it is not bad at all but just really mediocre. Which of the two bands delivers the best part? The Violent Headache is the best side, but not spectacular either. If you feel like it, you should check out the Violent Headache side, for all I know you might dig it a lot. The Necromorph tracks, hmm, cannot say that they are a recommendation.
Sir Blastalot speaks: 60/100


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