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Germany's NECROMORPH started 1995 as a Black Metal band but changed their style over the years to oldschool Crust / Grind with a raw Black Metal and primitive Death Metal touch. After three demos and one split 7“ with ANENCEPHALUS this is their actual full-length demo CD. Most of the nine songs on “Inputcollapse“ are quite fast, short and simple with a rough undergound production. The vocals remind me of BELPHEGOR's first two releases: similar deep grunts mixed with hellish screams in a good balance. The layout of the CD is quite simple with an old NAPALM DEATH meets OBITUARY's “World Demise“ style cover. Nothing special but yet a solid demo CD. I could imagine that these guys are able to kick some ass on stage.You can order this CD under

Tim Klöcker


July 14th
D.I.Y. Werstatt am Wagenplatz Fockestraße · Leipzig

October 01st
Berlin Pedal Battle

October 14th
Festung Bitterfeld

October 28th
Café Marktzicht
Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, Netherlands

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