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Germany's NECROMORPH started 1995 as a Black Metal band but changed their style over the years to oldschool Crust / Grind with a raw Black Metal and primitive Death Metal touch. After three demos and one split 7“ with ANENCEPHALUS this is their actual full-length demo CD. Most of the nine songs on “Inputcollapse“ are quite fast, short and simple with a rough undergound production. The vocals remind me of BELPHEGOR's first two releases: similar deep grunts mixed with hellish screams in a good balance. The layout of the CD is quite simple with an old NAPALM DEATH meets OBITUARY's “World Demise“ style cover. Nothing special but yet a solid demo CD. I could imagine that these guys are able to kick some ass on stage.You can order this CD under

Tim Klöcker


October 01st
Berlin Pedal Battle

October 14th
Festung Bitterfeld

October 28th
Café Marktzicht
Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, Netherlands

November 10th

Dezember 23rd
Abjured Record Release

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