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My first encounter with Necromorph (the Violent Headache split) didn’t exactly overwhelm me. I thought the production was too rough and the music too bland. So it’s not like I was thrilled and excited to hear their new output when it dropped into my mailbox. But here we have it - Grinding black zero, the band’s debut fullength, if I’m not mistaken.
It doesn’t take long into Nautic noise to hear that they definitely carry on in the same tradition as they did on the previously mentioned split. That means very Scandinavian sounding grindcore. The fuzzy guitar sound instantly gets me thinking of Rotten Sound, and with Necromorph’s occasional slowdown to crusty territories the similarities becomes quite obvious. But there’s most certainly a hell of a lot of blasting, reminding me of both Nasum and Regurgitate (but less gory), and some newer acts like Afgrund, Gadget and Infanticide. And when you start to get down to business and pay attention to the riffing you realize there’s a buttload of old school death metal being thrown about, and particularly in the Swedish tradition. Just listen to When a whisper breaks a neck, which carries attributes of old Dismember, Entombed and whatnot.
Unlike many grind acts these lads seem to pay very close attention to the riffs, which aren’t just a blurry distortion to go alongside the blasting. There’s some very slick guitar work to be heard here, and while it’s present even during the fast parts, it’s during the occasional breaks from mangling that the riffs really get a chance to shine through. And there’s definitely a lot of tempo changes to coincide with the many different attributes of their music, be it pure grind, crust or death metal. Vocally they include pretty much all you’d expect from this, while I’d say the main vocals remains a quite raspy scream. It all works very well, and if you’re a fan of the Swedish style of blasting then I’m sure you’ll find this to be right up your alley. One thing that definitely impress me (and that I think the various influences are accountable for) is Necromorph’s ability to write somewhat lengthy songs, a lot of them ranging from two to nearly four minutes, without losing intensity and the listener’s interest. Very unusual for grindcore.

Kristoffer 7.5/10


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