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Necromorph? Hahahahaha (wipes tear from eye), are you serious? Did you guys not grow up with the animation series Morph? It kills me to think of Morph going necro. Oh man, that would have been a treat. Instead of ramming that last cake in that cheating fuck’s mouth (in the clip linked above), Necro Morph would have cracked the cunt’s head open and starting feasting on the goo inside with a rusty spoon. Necro Morph would have ruled. And I would probably have been traumatized. Maybe the original Morph was better. For kids. And pussies.

Right then, who wants some more useless gibbering? Necromorph was founded back in 1995 by brothers Jockel and Fritz. This is their debut album. That has to be some kind of record time between forming and releasing a full-length, surely? What’s more, they started out as a black metal outfit. Of course, this information is completely redundant because they don’t play black metal anymore, so I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it then. Too bad, the paragraph’s written already, move on with life (and to the next paragraph).

So moving quickly onto something more relevant, the Necromorph of today play what can only be described as a combination of Swedeath and grind. While my first to paragraphs may have given the impression I am razzing these guys I just want to point out right now that this album is fucking ace. I am not big on the grind, too many short blasts of garbled vocals and blastbeat drumming does not interest me. But these guys, man, they have won me over by injecting some fierce fucken Swedeath groove into the action, breaking up the blasting with some fantastic Swedeath sections. The fuzzy Sunlight guitar tone sounds spot on for this album, making the groovy sections sound magnificent.

Vocally, Fritz throws down every trick in the book. Growls, screeches, pig squeals… all that shit gets thrown about. I can’t understand most of the vocals, but who the fuck cares? Yeah, there’s a sense of madness in what they do, jumping from groove to full on blasting, vocals changing constantly, varying pace, blasting and a whole bunch of short songs. But it’s tight, controlled and bloody brilliant.

I have to admit, I’ve been totally blown away by this release. Like I said above, I don’t get into grind too much, but the mix with Swedeath delivered by Necromorph on this album has not just made the music more accessible, they’ve made something truly special. I enjoy every minute of the twenty-nine-minute blast and groove fest that is “Grinding Black Zero”, it’s a fucking riot of fun. I suggest anyone who’s keen to cut their teeth on grind that Necropmorph, like Nasum, are a great place to start. I know it’s only March, but this is already one of the picks of the year. Awesome shit.

Revenant 8,5 Points



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