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I must admit that the only reason I initially checked out Necromorph was because I had hoped Grinding Black Zero was a concept album about the kick-ass Dead Space video games. It’s not, and the band’s name actually predates the games’ use of the word by over a decade. But that got me to listen to Necromorph and I’m glad I did! These German sonic scholars borrow the seminal Sunlight studios guitar sound, and perhaps a few other ideas from early Entombed as well, and filter their Death Metal onslaught through Extreme Noise Terror and some Napalm Death, for a heavy Crust influence. It’s my understanding that the Necro-men started out as a Black Metal band back in 1995, and I can detect more than a little Impaled Nazarene here and there, but it may be the Crust connection the groups share. As one might surmise, the intensity throughout this album is typically off the chart, with the songs wisely kept short. Occasionally everything else is sacrificed to that intensity for a moment, but it’s rare. I’m surprised that Fritz handles all the vocals himself, as they are sometimes double-tracked, with him providing both parts of the traditional Crust hi/low dueling-vocal attack in impressive fashion. The lengthy sample from the 1976 film Network in the otherwise-instrumental, flawless final track, “Black Zero,” really made me want to give this a 10, but all of this short (28:24) album isn’t quite as perfect. Awesome way to end it, though.

Rating: 9.25
- Ray


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